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PAXCESS Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner


Best Pool Vacuums for Above-Ground Pools In 2020 2

OT QOMOTOP Robotic Pool Cleaner


Best Pool Vacuums for Above-Ground Pools In 2020 3

Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner


Best Pool Vacuums for Above-Ground Pools In 2020 4

Aquabot APRVJR Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner


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Poolmaster Swimming Pool Leaf Vacuum

Anyone who has ever cleaned a pool full of mess would know what a challenging task it is.

But what if we say you are wrong?

Pool cleaning is easy. A lot easier than you think! However, you need to have the right gear for it. A well-designed intelligent pool maintenance tool can clean your entire pool without any hassle. Any guesses for which pool maintenance tool are we talking about?

Pool vacuums!

This tool is designed to clean your pool and leave the water sparkling clean in a hassle-free way. And you don’t just need a pool vacuum for cleaning the mess after a pool party.

It is an equally effective tool for general pool cleaning. Using a pool vacuum is an innovative way of keeping the water clean and bright with minimal effort.

Some of the best above ground pool vacuums that you can find on the market highlight efficiency and effective cleaning of your swimming pool.

For a hassle-free cleaning process of your above-ground pool, we have compiled a list of the best above-ground pool vacuums available on the market.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. But since there are just so many pool vacuums available on the market, it can leave you confused and make decision making troublesome.

In this post, you will learn about the five best above-ground pool vacuums followed by a buying guide that will help you pick up the right pool vacuum for your above-ground pool.

In the last section, we have answered some of the frequently asked questions about above-ground pool vacuums. Enjoy the read.

Best Overall: PAXCESS Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner

PAXCESS Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner


  • Type: Robotic Vacuum
  • Vacuum power: Comes with 5000mah battery
  • Power input: Cordless
  • Speed: 16 ft./min.


  • Waterproof design allows enhanced pool cleaning.
  • Can clean all types of floor surfaces that come in contact with it.
  • Super lightweight.
  • Requires low maintenance, reduced labor and low cost.
  • Healthier and more environmental friendly pool cleaning.

The most innovative, cordless robotic pool cleaner that you can find on the market this year is the PAXCESS Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner. It’s cordless and waterproof design makes cleaning super easy.

It is equipped with 5000mah lithium-ion battery that can give you up to 60-90 minutes of pool clean up without attaching a cable to an electrical outlet. The cordless design provides greater mobility to the vacuum that results in better pool cleaning.

Another key feature that makes this vacuum the best choice is its high speed. The vacuum moves on four wheels that allow it to move across the floor, effortlessly while cleaning off everything that comes in contact with it.

A high performing motor backing up the vacuum will enable it to cover a distance of 16 meters per minute. And one of the best features is its lightweight. It only weighs 12.1 lb, which makes it an excellent choice for women and the elderly.

And while it comes with so many desirable features, its fantastic cleaning is one of the most remarkable traits.

If you look at the design, there is a broad brush in the middle of the vacuum that helps you loosen up and clean all the dirt, debris and gunk that comes in the way.

And when all of this is scraped off the floor, it flows into the vacuum’s suction doors connected to the filters. Thus once your pool cleaning job is done, don’t forget to clean the filters. But don’t worry. That’s just a 2-step operation where you simply remove the filter and rinse it.

It is an excellent choice for the best cleaning of your above-ground pool’s surface; however, it is not designed to clean vertical surfaces such as walls of the pool.


  • Waterproof design
  • Light in weight
  • Excellent performance
  • Great Speed


  • Only designed to clean the floor
  • Filter cleaning is required after the pool cleaning process

RUNNER UP: OT QOMOTOP Robotic Pool Cleaner

OT QOMOTOP Robotic Pool Cleaner


  • Type: Robotic vacuum
  • Vacuum power: Comes with 5000mah battery
  • Power input: Cordless
  • Speed: 52.5 ft./min.


  • Excellent cleaning.
  • Ease of use.
  • Waterproof design for enhanced pool cleaning.
  • Rechargeable, cordless design.
  • Smart shutdown technology.

OT QOMOTOP Robotic Pool Cleaner is the perfect choice for small to medium, flat above-ground swimming pools.

The rechargeable, cordless pool vacuum comes with a built-in 5000mah power lithium battery that gives up to 90 minutes of pool cleaning (after 5-8 hours’ of charging). The body and the charging port are waterproof, which makes cleaning convenient and safe.

Moreover, it is equipped with a brush installed in the middle of the vacuum that gives the perfect clean up to your pool. And while the brush is working on the floor, the wide debris suction doors are assisting the brush for pool cleaning.

This robotic vacuum is one of the best above ground robotic pool cleaner that is designed to clean the pool’s surface.

However, it is not designed to clean the walls. It can cover an area of 860 square feet and is a great choice for pools with up to 6.6 feet depth and moves at the speed of 52.5 feet per minute.

One of the vacuum’s key features is the Intelligent Shutdown Technology that allows the vacuum to shut down automatically once it is out of water. Moreover, the technology enables the vacuum to automatically lean against the wall if the battery power is low.

However, for appropriate cleaning, you will have to adjust the nozzle angle. Moreover, it is often inconvenient to bring the vacuum out of water. In all, it is the perfect choice for flat above-ground pools.


  • Cordless design for improved efficiency
  • Easy to use
  • Intelligent shutdown technology


  • Change of angle required
  • Cannot clean the walls
  • Taking it out of the pool is not convenient

Alternative: Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner


  • Type: Robotic vacuum
  • Vacuum power: N/A
  • Power input: Plug and play
  • Speed: 10 ft./min.


  • Performs all the hard work as you sit back and relax.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Can reach every corner of your pool.
  • Handles all types of debris.

The Dolphin E10 automatic robotic pool cleaner is designed using the latest technology.

With this vacuum, you do not need any additional pump, hose or booster. It is as simple as plug-in, drop it and let it do its work and you can have a sparkling pool just within 90 minutes.

It is one of the best above-ground vacuums designed to clean pools up to 30 feet. Moreover, it comes with 2-year quality assurance so you can relax and let this vacuum do all the hard work for you.

The smart vacuum can differentiate between walls, surfaces and ladders and can reach and clean even the toughest spots in your pool. The efficient scrubbing brush is designed to give the perfect scrub to your pool’s surface.

The Dolphin E10 is not a wireless vacuum, and you will have to plug it into the electric socket; however, it operates using two low voltage DC motors, which makes it super energy efficient.

Lastly, it contains a large cartridge that can load debris of all types. And just like all the above-ground vacuums, this one is also not designed to clean the walls. But if you have a small above-ground pool, the Dolphin E10 is a must-have tool for you.


  • Can sense walls, surfaces and drains
  • Active scrubbing for no stains
  • Super energy efficient


  • Comes without a remote control
  • Not designed to clean walls

Altetnative: Aquabot APRVJR Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

Aquabot APRVJR Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner


  • Type: Robotic Vacuum
  • Vacuum power: Suction of 70 gallons per minute. 
  • Power input: Plug and play
  • Speed: N/A


  • Fully automatic plug and play operation.
  • Powerful suction due to Hydro-Robotic Technology.
  • Automatic shutdown timer. 
  • Extra-wide, non-marring wheels.
  • Removes debris of all sizes and shapes.
  • Comes with one-year motor warranty.

The Aquabot Pool Rover Junior is another great choice for a flat-bottom above-ground pool.

Aquabot vacuums are designed using the finest filtration in the industry that offers the simplicity of use and service. It comes with a built-in powerful pump motor that provides adequate suction power for above ground pools demand.

It gives maximum coverage through its adjustable axle pin and reduces the risk of cable tangling.

Aquabot pool rover has a built-in micro-filter and is equipped with an internal pump that can trap particles as small as 2 micron nominal (size of bacteria) in a reusable filter bag.

It is also equally effective in trapping dirt and debris of larger size such as leaves, dirt and sand. And this technology allows you to save a lot of cost on chemicals for pool sanitation.

The vacuum is powered by a safe and efficient 24-volt pump motor that provides adequate suction simply through the touch of a button.

The extra-wide, non-marring wheels can roll over any surface and clean your pool thoroughly and does not stuck in the corners or ladders. And the most interesting feature is 2-hour automatic shutdown that makes it an energy-efficient choice.

Perhaps the only undesirable feature of this above-ground pool vacuum is rusting and corrosion, but it is still one of the most reliable above-ground vacuums available on the market.


  • Efficient cleaning
  • Best for flat pools of all sizes
  • Complete cleaning within 2 hours; automatic shutdown


  • Moving the vacuum can be troublesome
  • Rusting and corrosion issues

Alternative: Poolmaster Swimming Pool Leaf Vacuum

Poolmaster 28316 Swimming Pool Leaf Vacuum


  • Type: Pressure Pool Vacuum
  • Vacuum power: N/A
  • Power input: N/A
  • Speed: N/A


  • Large 15-inch ABS body with 8 high-pressure jets give powerful suction.
  • Easy to use.
  • Mar-proof perimeter bumper.
  • 4 multi-directional swivel wheels

This leaf pool vacuum by Poolmaster belongs to the premier collection of the brand’s pool cleaning tools.

It operates without a battery, and all it needs to perform its task is the water supply for its eight water nozzles, which is enough to create the suction it needs for adequate cleaning.

Moreover, a lightweight aluminum handle attached gives strength and ease of use and the four multi-directional wheels that allow easy maneuvering around the pool. And the three-perimeter brushes attached around the wheels provide a perfect cleaning to your pool.

The brushes are replaceable and sold separately. Furthermore, the vacuum comes with two reusable leaf bags that have a push-lock closure for a nice fit to the vacuum’s neck. 

The mar-proof bumper keeps the vacuum free from scratches and other unnecessary damage so you can continue to use this tool for years while it still looks new and fresh.

However, the downside of this above-ground pool vacuum is that it may be difficult to maintain flat under the water, and you have to make an effort to keep the unit flat as you clean the pool.


  • Durable
  • Easy to use and maneuver
  • Lightweight aluminum handle


  • Difficult to keep it flat underwater
  • Brushes are not efficient

Buying Advice – How to Make the Right Choice?

Buying Advice – How to Make the Right Choice?

The decision-making process is an overwhelming one, particularly for a novice in the pool maintenance industry. If you are someone struggling with too many choices and a lot of information, don’t worry.

We have compiled a list of factors to consider for a successful above-ground pool vacuum purchase. With these considerations in mind, you can pick the right vacuum for your above-ground pool.

Type of Vacuum

Different types of vacuum are designed to serve a different purpose.

While they are primarily the tools for pool cleaning and maintenance, their work varies greatly. There are three different types of above-ground pool vacuum so let’s look at each one of them.

Suction Pool Vacuums

Suction pool vacuums, also known as suction-side pool vacuums, work using the pool pump’s suction power along with the filtration pump to clean your pool.

This type of vacuums operate on electricity and require a functional and running pool pump to clean the dirt and debris.

When using this type of vacuum, you will have to invest in regular maintenance of the filter for the best results. However, this type of above-ground pool vacuums is the most affordable. 

Pressure Pool Vacuums

Pressure pool pumps are also known as pressure-side pool cleaner that works by using pressure generated through water flow. This type of pool vacuums is efficient because they do not feel dependent on the pool filtration system for cleaning the dirt and debris.

Pressure pool vacuums come with built-in debris collection bags, which further adds to efficiency and convenience while cleaning.

Moreover, they need lesser maintenance. All these desirable features make this type of vacuum an ideal choice for cleaning larger swimming pools.

Robotic Pool Vacuums

The most innovative and technologically advanced pool vacuums are robotic pool vacuums. As the name suggests, this type of vacuums is intelligent and self-sufficient, which means that they don’t need any assistance from the pool’s circulation mechanism.

They contain an internal debris collection bag that can help grab even the tiniest unwanted debris, dirt and other particles during the cleaning process.

Moreover, they have a built-in small internal pump that makes robotic vacuums energy efficient. And lastly, they come with some advanced features such as remote control, automated shutdown, and four-wheel drives.

Size and Shape of the Pool

Another critical consideration when choosing the right vacuum for your above-ground pool is the size and shape of the pool. The size of the pool will determine the power and energy you need to clean the pool.

Moreover, it will also affect the required size of the cable and strength of the vacuum required to achieve desirable results.

Similarly, shape influences the type of vacuum you need. If there are many obstacles in your pool, such as ladders, steps, contours, then it is best to go for a suction based pool vacuum. But a robotic vacuum works best for flat surfaces.

Filtration Rate

The filtration rate is the measure of how the water quality in your pool has improved after you have completed the cleaning using your vacuum.

For most swimming pools, a good benchmark for filtration rate would be anything between seventy and seventy-five gallons per minute.

Power Usage

Your above-ground pool’s maintenance cost can significantly vary depending upon the power consumption of pool maintenance equipment such as a vacuum.

Robotic vacuum generally uses more power compared to other types of pool vacuums such as a suction pool or pressure pool vacuums. These types of vacuums may use lesser power but the disadvantage of longer cleaning cycles.

The Durability of the Equipment

Almost all types of above-ground vacuums are durable; however, they vary according to the stability, balance and maneuverability.

When investing in an above-ground pool vacuum, make sure you choose the one with solid construction so your equipment can continue to serve you for a long time.

Cleaning Required

Before you make the purchase decision, it is best to consider what type of cleaning you require in your pool.

In the case of an above-ground pool, you will need a vacuum that will collect small particles such as dirt and sand, along with larger debris such as leaves. So make sure you go for a vacuum that can handle both small and large debris particles.

Ease of Use

Another critical feature that you should never overlook is the ease of use.

Almost all robotic pool vacuums are easy to handle and use, but certain vacuums can make pool cleaning a problematic chore. So make sure you make an informed choice.


And the last thing that you should consider is the price. You can find a vacuum at an affordable rate, but if it requires additional equipment such as a stronger pump, an additional hose or any other part, that can be an expensive choice.

Go for a vacuum that offers efficiency without unnecessary attachments for which you have to pay separately.

In general, it is best to go for robotic pool vacuums. They may be expensive but are more convenient, do not come with additional attachment and require less maintenance than other types of vacuums.

Above-Ground Pool Vacuum FAQ

Can You Vacuum an Above Ground Pool?

Yes, you can vacuum your above-ground pool. You can manually perform the task using a suction pool or pressure pool vacuum, or you can go for a robotic vacuum for easy and hassle-free cleaning.

How Often Should You Vacuum Your Above Ground Pool?

In general, it is best to vacuum your above ground pool twice a week; however, the frequency of cleaning your pool may depend upon several factors, including

Location of the Pool

If you have a covered/indoor above-ground pool, you will require less frequent vacuuming than an uncovered and outdoor pool. 

Number of Users 

If you swim in your pool every day, it is best to vacuum it daily. But if you don’t often swim, running the vacuum once a week would suffice.

The Weather

During autumn or dry weather, when there are many leaves and dirt due to dry weather conditions, you will need to vacuum your pool more frequently.

How Long Should You Run a Pool Vacuum?

As a general rule, you should allow your vacuum to run for as long as the entire pool is cleaned.

Typically, the process takes between two and six hours; however, the exact time depends on the pool’s size and the overall level of pool hygiene.

How to Protect Your Above Ground Pool From Debris?

Unfortunately, there is no way you can protect your above-ground pool from debris. Even the most protected and fully covered above-ground pools have to deal with this problem.

However, there are ways how you can manage the debris and dirt in your pool. Some of the ways that can help you keep your above-ground pool clean include

  • Testing the pool chemistry once a week, 
  • Monthly shock treatments,
  • Regular cleaning of filters, pumps and skimmers,
  • Frequent vacuuming (ideally once a day) and
  • Use solar blankets when your pool is not in use.


So we have highlighted the five best pool vacuums for above-ground pools and have already talked about the key considerations that you should look into when purchasing the best pool vacuums for your above-ground pools.

To get the best above ground pool vacuum, you will have to check your pool size and other pool requirements so you can make a more informed and confident decision.

Best Pool Vacuums for Above-Ground Pools In 2020 6

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