Here’s My Story

Sean Wise

I’m Sean Wise, and for the last twenty-one years, I’ve spent more time in the pool than anywhere else.

I remember the first summer after we got our inground pool.

My dad thought he was saving money, so he had it put in during autumn, and I had to sit there at the glass sliding door and wait patiently for spring and summer to roll around.

I barely left that pool. The problem is, I garnered new chores. My dad was busy working, so my brothers and I would basically run the home while he was busting his behind to provide for us.

Derrick would mow the lawn, trim the hedges, and powerwash the house. Arthur would wash the windows, sweep, mop, and vacuum.

I took on the responsibility of the pool: cleaning it, netting out trash, and keeping the pH levels solid (and when I started, I had no idea how to do that).

In my own home, the first major renovation I made was putting in an inground pool.

To date, the best decision I’ve ever made for my home. I’m teaching my sons how to swim, and I’m constantly maintaining the water.

That’s what got me thinking—who else needs to learn how to properly manage their pool?

I’m talking about professional-tier, grade-A pool maintenance, the kind that you usually pay for.

On Swimming Insider, I talk about all the burning questions that most pool owners have, how much it really costs, how to heat it, clean it, the list goes on any on.

You have or you are getting a pool.

Want to know how to keep it looking like it belongs in a five-star hotel?

Follow my lead.