10 Fun Pool Toys

10 Fun Pool Toys

Who said toys are exclusively for kids? Why should the children have all the fun?

Luckily, there are many toys available for teenagers, adults, and children alike to allow everybody to embrace their fun, exciting side.

One of the most popular segments of toys for people of all ages is pool toys. Pool toys ensure that your pool can become a boisterous, loud playground for all age groups, as well as a soothing, quiet corner for you when you please.

There is a wide variety of pool toys available in the market. From the basic floaters to fancy pool tables, anything that you can think of is probably already thought of before.

We have compiled a list of the most exciting pool toys we could find, so you know just what to get before your pool party over the weekend or some quality time with your family.

1. Pool Volleyball Game

Pool Volleyball Game

Volleyball is never as fun as when it is being played in the water. Now you don’t have to go to the beach or a public pool to play a little game of volley with your friends.

This pool volleyball toy has a proper inflatable stand with a net across it to mark the two sides. You and your friends can divide yourselves into two teams, place the pool volleyball stand in the middle and get the ball flying.

The toy comes in many sizes, so no matter how big or small your pool is, you can find one to fit your bill. This is one toy that will be equally loved by adults as well as children!

2. Waterproof playing cards

Waterproof playing cards

There is literally nothing you can’t do in a pool anymore, is there?

Previously you could either play a game of bluff with your friends or take a soak in the pool, but now you can do both! We didn’t know we needed waterproof play cards till we got them.

And they are so much more fun to play floating in the water. You can have an inflatable pool table to go with it or simply whip out your cards and slap them on the surface of the pool water. Watch out – don’t let your friends get a peek at your cards through the water’s reflection.

3. Inflatable Beer Pong Table

Inflatable Beer Pong Table

Here it is the life of every party! Beer pong is an extremely fun game that you must have come across at every party.

While the average beer pong is set up inside the house on a table with the use of some disposable cups full of beer, how would you feel about a floating beer pong table?

This inflatable beer pong table comes with several cup-shaped holes in the tables, which you can fill up with beer.

Two people can then battle it out and see who wins. Everybody in the pool and outside it can cheer you on. This is pretty much a staple pool toy if you are trying to throw the coolest pool party of the year.

4. Pool Float for Your Pet

Pool Float for Your Pet

Why should your pet remain left behind when the entire family is in the pool?

You can buy your little fluffy friend a pool float so they can come along with you in the pool and have fun alongside the rest of their family.

You can pet your puppy while lying in your own float, reading a book, to keep you company and spend quality time with your pet on your days off work.

We’re sure your pet will thank you for this cute float, perfectly molded to fit his little body and allow him to snuggle in comfortably while spending time with his family.

5. Inflatable Pool Slide

Inflatable Pool Slide

Is a visit to the water park due, but you just can’t find the time to? Well, how about you bring the water park to your house?

Your children will go berserk about this fun pool slide, and even the adults would want to give it a go. You can set it up on the side of the pool and slide down into the water, splashing water all over the place. We bet the children wouldn’t be able to stop taking turns to go on the slide.

Sure, it might not be as tall and fancy as those at the park, but it is still definitely one of the coolest additions you can make to your pool. The best thing is, you can deflate it and put it aside for the winters and set it up again when the summertime rolls around.

6. Giant Swan Ride

Giant Swan Ride

Sure, we’ve all seen a bunch of cute inflatable floats with kids straddling them. But what about life-sized ones for adults?

You can have bigger inflatable pool rides with giant inflatable swans, unicorns and whatnot. Float across the pool on your high horse, and don’t let anybody tell you that it is a kid’s toy!

7. Water Guns

Water Guns

No matter how old you get, you are never too old for the good old water guns! Water gun fights are perhaps all of our fondest memories from childhood.

However, refilling the guns was such a hassle. Running to the kitchen over and over again seemed to suck some of the fun out of the battle. With a water gun in the pool, you won’t need to go anywhere to refill.

You can fill it up from the pool itself as soon as your water gun runs out of ammunition. Arm yourself and your friends with these cool water guns and convert your peaceful pool into a battleground.

8. Floating Tennis Table

Floating Tennis Table

Table tennis is the highlight of our workday, but how fun would it be if you could get a table tennis table set up in your own pool!

Even the thought sounds fun. This pool table tennis will let you and your friends hold a whole table tennis tournament right in your pool. Sounds fun, right?

The rest of your friends can cheer while chilling in the pool, while those who are competing battle it out. Make somebody keep score too!

9. Castle in the Pool

Castle in the Pool

This one is for the kiddies! A castle or inflatable house on the ground is enough to make a kid’s day, but one in the water will absolutely make them go crazy. You will have to drag them out of the pool once you set up the inflatable castle in the pool.

They can bring in other water-safe toys and dolls and sit in their own castle, floating on the water. It sounds like a brilliant way to keep the kids busy while the parents can have some quiet, quality time, sunbathing in their own floaters.

10. Arcade Shooter in the Pool

Arcade Shooter in the Pool

Don’t you miss spending long hours in the gaming arcades after school, playing all sorts of games with your friends?

Well, you can recreate some of it right here in your pool now! This fun Arcade shooter pool game has an inflatable structure that has targets and everything set up on it.

There are two water guns attached to it, so you and your friends can compete with each other and see who wins. This would be another fun pool toy to add to your collection and bring out during parties and family days.

If you have a pool at your place, you must make the most of it by including such fun toys and games too. Imagine how fun a beer pong table could be at a pool party with your friends or a water gun fight with your family on a fun Sunday afternoon.

With the right pool toys, your pool parties will be the talk of the town!

Children can stop pestering you to take them to a water park, and you can get everything you need for a fun weekend right in your backyard.

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