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Hayward Above Ground Pool Skimmer


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ProTuff Pool Net for Cleaning


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Intex Deluxe Wall Mount Surface Skimmer


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Swimline Professional Pool Rake


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FunctionaLoc Pool Surface Skimmer

Owning a pool comes with a plethora of additional responsibilities, such as looking after it, making sure it is clean and free of dirt and debris that can end up contaminating the pool from the surrounding area.

Pool skimmers are designed to keep the water clean and help get rid of debris such as bugs, pollen, plastic, leaves, and the likes.

There are many kinds of pool skimmers, and learning each type with all their important features and pros and cons can help you determine which one suits your pooling needs.

We’ve done extensive research and looked into the best pool skimmers available today.

With all that and more, we list down the best skimmers for above ground pools to help you make the perfect purchase decision. So, let’s dive in and discuss all the characteristics of the top-rated swimming pool skimmers.

Best Overall: Hayward Above Ground Pool Skimmer

Hayward Above Ground Pool Skimmer

Featured Specs

  • Type: automatic skimmer
  • Size: 12.75 x 10.25 x 8.25 inches
  • Material: UV-resistant ABS construction
  • Best for Pool Size: any size


Hayward pool skimmers have been an industry standard for more than 30 years.

Over the years, these skimmers have been remodeled to meet the needs and requirements of modern above ground pools while remaining effective for conventional pool models at the same time. The Hayward SP1091LX is one fine example.

It’s designed from heavy-duty UV-proof ABS material that keeps the product durable and long-lasting. Given the skimmer’s robust structure, it’s fit to use in all weather conditions.

It’s weatherproof and works efficiently – thanks to the unit’s auto-mode. With this one, the pool maintenance couldn’t be easier and more convenient. It draws off floating debris – insects, litter, etc. – in one sweep.

This becomes easier due to a sturdy filler-basket, gasket, and efficient hardware.

The skimmer comes with all the necessary equipment and parts to set it up for your pool with no hassle. While the Hayward automatic skimmer is ideal for all the kinds of pools, it’s best for wide top-seated pools.


The Hayward skimmer is ideal in many ways. However, one downside is that the cleaning system can’t be installed until you have a dedicated cut out in your pool wall for it. The skimmer must be installed in a prepared hole.

Once that’s done, the installation process becomes a breeze. Also, you will have to clean the skimmer daily to keep it sparkling clean. This can be a bit of a problem for someone who’s not keen on regular care and maintenance of their products.

Additional Features

Having dimensions of 12.75 x 10.25 x 8.25 inches, the Hayward automatic skimmer is best for a variety of pool sizes. Whether you have a medium-sized or widely large pool, the skimmer will be a brilliant addition to your pool care and maintenance tools.

The snap-in and easily-removable weir is another winning feature. The flapper helps debris floating on the surface to be eliminated far quickly than without it. The weir also lets debris remain in the skimmer basket when the pump turns off.

The modern Hayward skimmer comes with a manual guide and instruction book as well that makes the installation process easier.

Once installed into the pool’s wall, the skimmer filters out debris from the water and sends off clean water to the pump. As it is, the entire process is automatic and requires zero manual skimmings.

Buying Advice

The Hayward skimmer is the best modern pool cleaning option available.

It comes with a durable design and long-lasting parts, so it won’t disappoint you at all. Also, if you have an above-ground pool and prefer hands-off skimming for it, then this is the best pool skimmer for you.

Runner-Up: ProTuff Pool Net for Cleaning

ProTuff Pool Net for Cleaning

Featured Specs

  • Type: manual skimmer
  • Size: 19 inches
  • Material: nylon netting and aluminum alloy frame  
  • Best for Pool Size: Any small or medium-sized above ground pool


The ProTuff Ne Pool Skimmer is unlike common skimmers that only clean the surface and accumulate minimal debris.

The above-ground net skimmer comes with a deep, protective, double-stitched bag with a fine mesh that collects all the debris (small or large) from the pool’s surface as well as the bottom.

It is made from a heavy-duty aluminum alloy frame that can easily hold up to about 50 pounds of junk without breaking apart. The skimmer’s easy-to-glide scoop, safe plastic rim, and its overall practical shape allow you to clean the entire swimming pool in one go.

To clean the pool from its surface to deep bottom, you have to look no further than just this perfect hands-on tool. The skimmer easily picks up too hard-to-capture-in-a-net debris, which reduces the overall cleaning time.

It takes about 15 – 20 minutes, at max, to clean up the entire pool. At the end of the cleaning session, all you have to do is empty the net, nothing else.

There’s nothing to worry about pool pump stress or filter clogging. In this way, the pool cleaning becomes a tension-free chore which, think of it, can easily be done even on busy weekdays.


The only and most apparent drawback is that the skimmer is completely manual. Unlike automatic skimmers that do not require hands-on skimming, this one can’t do all the dirty work by itself. 

Additional Features

The most attractive feature, next to the fact that the skimmer is durable, effective, and demands less effort, is that it comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee. This means you can get the skimmer replaced or repaired at any time.

However, we highly doubt you will ever find the need to order free replacements because the skimmer is manufactured from professional-grade material. It never breaks, twists, bends, or fails at any point.

While being thrice more efficient than any typical net skimmer, the rake is extremely budget-friendly.

It’s available at a price range that is easy on the wallet, so the skimmer not only proves to be cost-effective initially but also allows you to save in the long-term with its lifetime warranty.

Buying Advice

Trust this product if you don’t mind cleaning your pool manually. Even though you won’t get to kick back and allow the machine to take care of everything, you will still enjoy skimming your pool. And it’s all has to do with the way the net rake has been designed.

It’s supremely functional and easy to use. You will be able to clean your pool up to 95% without going through the trouble of dragging it in the water, sliding it out of the pool, or struggling with the unwieldy hose.

Best Wall-Mounted Skimmer: Intex Deluxe WALL Mount Surface Skimmer

Intex Deluxe WALL Mount Surface Skimmer

Featured Specs

  • Type: wall-mounted skimmer
  • Size: 8.3 x 9.5 x 13
  • Material: polypropylene plastic
  • Best for Pool Size: Any small or medium-sized above ground pool


The Intex Deluxe Wall Mount Surface Skimmer is an automatic cleaning tool. It is easy to install and catches leaves and any other debris in an instant. This is precisely what makes the Intex mount surface skimmer stands out.

When using any ordinary skimmer, it can be a little challenging to get hold of all the junk on the pool surface. However, with the wall mount surface skimmer, cleaning the pool is simple and straightforward.

The moment you get the skimmer running, it grabs all the dirt and litter before they sink to the bottom of the pool. When it comes to the installation, the process is a child’s play. Contrary to popular belief, the Intex Deluxe skimmer mounts easily.

If you have an above ground pool, you can place the skimmer on its metal frame. Mount it to any point in the frame that is convenient for you and takes up less time.

The adjustable bracket for fitting and attaching to the filter pump makes the entire automatic skimming so much effective. Undoubtedly, the skimmer’s quality beyond par. Made from plastic, the product poses zero threat to your pool’s water chemistry.

So far, long-term users have never had any major complaints regarding the mountable skimmer, which speaks volumes about its quality and durability.


The skimmer may act up if water levels are inconsistent, meaning the system won’t work flawlessly if someone’s in the pool. What usually happens is that the air gets sucked into the lines, which is why it’s ideal to use the pool when no one is using it.

Also, in case any debris ends up getting at the bottom of the pool, the skimmer won’t be able to pick it up. It’s not powerful enough to collect trash that has sunk to the bottom.

Additional Features

The automatic skimmer demands low maintenance. As the skimmer reaches its capacity, you simply have to take out the strainer basket, dispose of the junk, clean the basket, and remount it.

And that’s all you have to do to keep up the skimmer. Other than that, the product comes with a one-year warranty, so if you spot any damage signs, you can easily demand a free replacement from the company.

Buying Advice

Please note that the Intex Deluxe Skimmer works best if your pool features an Intex filter pump that has a flow rate of a minimum of 3.0 cubic meters per hour. It also works ideally on above ground pools.

If you can meet these two requirements, we believe there isn’t any better wall-mounted skimmer on the market.

Best Pool Rake: Swimline Professional Pool Rake

Swimline Professional Pool Rake

Featured Specs

  • Type: net pool rake
  • Size: 16.25 x 20 x 2 inches
  • Material: plastic with a fine-mesh bag
  • Best for Pool Size: Any small or medium-sized above ground pool


The Swimline Pool Rake is a professional standard in the pool rake industry. It’s super strong and builds to last for years. It features an excellent quality leaf rake with a large, durable, and molded fine mesh bag.

The structural bag has enough strength to collect all sorts of debris, including broken branches, sticks, sprigs, leaves, wrappers, metals, and so on. What’s more, the collecting bag is removable, so in case it gets old or torn, you can easily replace it with another raking bag.

The telescopic pole that the skimmer comes with is long enough to reach to the deepest end of your pool. With its help, you can pick up the tiniest of waste from the extreme corners of your pool in no time at all.


There are a few things to watch out for when planning to buy this pool rake.

Firstly, the mesh bag, despite being strong and sturdy, rips apart if mishandled or isn’t taken care of. Plus, if your pool is heavily contaminated with twigs and other pieces, cleaning the pool can take up a lot of your time.

Additional Features

The efficient rake comes with a small hardly-noticeable plastic at the front that helps in scraping the pool’s bottom while the big bag holds all the trash until you dispose of it by yourself.

Owing to the rake’s curved edges, it’s super easy to scoop up all the garbage. Unlike many cheaper rakes, this one has no sharp edges that can damage the pool’s interior. The Swimline rake is also lightweight so carrying it around in the pool causes no trouble at all.  

Buying Advice

Overall the Swimline professional rake is a highly recommended item. It makes life so much easier as it is so easy and convenient to use.

Plus, it saves so much time cleaning the pool, no matter its size. Get this rake if you want to have a premium experience in pool cleaning. Also, you won’t have to break the bank. The product is available at quite an affordable price range.

Best Automatic Pool Skimmer: FunctionaLoc Pool Surface Skimmer

FunctionaLoc Pool Surface Skimmer

Featured Specs

  • Type: wall-mounting pool skimmer  
  • Size: 25 x 25 x 32 cm
  • Material: ABS construction
  • Best for Pool Size: Any small or medium-sized above ground pool


The FunctionaLoc Automatic Pool Skimmer is the most highly efficient product for cleaning above ground pools. It is quick to install. All you have to do is fit it over one of the insides of the pool’s wall.

Hook it on next to the suction inlet and sit back and enjoy the automatic clean out of all the debris in your pool. The skimmer is structured from durable and corrosion-resistant plastic, which makes it so long-lasting.

If maintained well, the product can last for a long time. When it comes to its maintenance, the skimmer has no exceptional requirements. Simply loosen up the skimmer, throw away the unwanted content, clean the container, and fix it right back on. 


The only disadvantage of the automatic skimmer is that it takes time to clear out all the debris from the pool if your pool is chock-full of undesirable material.

Additional Features

The skimmer is a highly practical tool. It is compatible with filter pumps having a flow rate of 3.0 cubic meters per hour or higher. The FuntionaLoc skimmer helps clear away the pool’s surface without your intervention.

Once you have mounted the skimmer, you just have to leave the skimmer to do its job. This saves up your time as you don’t have to collect the debris all by yourself.

Buying Advice

This is one of the best automatic swimming pool skimmers available. It’s simple to use, easy to install, and helps clean up all the debris that may be floating on your pool’s surface. The best part is it gives great value for your money!

Pool Skimmer FAQs

Does a Pool Need a Skimmer?


It’s not essential for a pool to have a skimmer. However, every pool needs cleaning from time to time, which can only be done with the aid of specific cleaning equipment.

One of these pool cleaning tools is a skimmer. Its primary role is to clean the pool water of all the debris (mold, algae, soil, sand, leaves, fragments of tree branches, and the likes) it gets from the surrounding environment.

How High Should Pool Water be on a Skimmer?

The optimum level from where pool skimmers can function effectively is from a third of the way up the opening or closing of your pool skimmer.

However, if the skimmer is installed far above or below the water line, then the debris near the skimmer’s opening/closing may float by without being picked by the skimmer.

If you’re not sure about your skimmer setting, go through the manual guide or hire a professional to learn the correct placement of the skimmer in your pool.

What Is a Skimmer for Above Ground Pools?


A skimmer is an important cleaning tool for above ground pools.

An automatic pool skimmer is mounted near the pool’s surface to effectively catch the floating debris before it settles to the bottom of your pool.

Where Is the Skimmer on an In-ground Pool?

The best in-ground pools usually feature a skimmer that is fixed into the upper side of the pool. The skimmer usually holds a strategic position in an in-ground pool because from where it is placed in the pool, it draws the debris and traps it immediately.

Unlike portable skimmers used for above ground pools, the skimmer on an in-ground is hard to be repaired or replaced.

You can only install a new skimmer on an in-ground pool during renovations. This can take a lot of your time and money. The replacement cost of a skimmer for an in-ground pool can cost up to $1500, while only $150 for an above-ground pool.


There is no shortage of good skimmers on the market, but you should always look for the best one. And we can say with absolute certainty that there’s no better list of above ground pool skimmers than that mentioned in this article.

All the products that we have covered here are sure to give you the right bang for your buck. When picking one, make sure to consider each type’s size, design, purpose, pros, and cons.

This will help you compare and contrast better between all the top 5 skimmers for above ground pools and decide which of the skimmer is the best choice for you!

Best Pool Skimmer: Keep Your Water Clean 6

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