6 Fun Pool Games

6 Fun Pool Games

If you are looking for fun summer activities, you don’t need to go much far – if you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool of your own, you have everything you need right at your home to enjoy an exciting time with friends and family!

Here, we have prepared an extensive list of the most fun-filled pool games.

Whether you want to jolly up summer vacations for your kids or you desire to host a pool party where adults and kids alike can have a ball, these creative ideas are sure to add up to the aquatic fun! So, let’s get started!

If you’d like to see a graphical breakdown of the pool games, we got you covered:

Pool Games

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Marco Polo

Marco Polo is one of the most common and fun swimming pool games. It requires at least 3 players but more the merrier!

How to Play Marco Polo

  • Players are required to designate one person to be “Marco”, also known as “It”.
  • The designated individual has to close their eyes and turn around, allowing other players to disperse in the swimming pool
  • Now, with their eyes closed, “It” has to attempt to tag the remaining players
  • “It” can use the feeling around their limbs to detect the presence of other players or also use sound by simply calling out “Marco!”
  • Regardless of their location, it is mandatory for other players to respond “Polo” to the Marco call
  • Once “It” tags another player, that player then becomes the new “It” and the game goes on!

Where’s the Treasure?

Where’s the Treasure?

Is a favorite with both adults and kids, especially those who can stay underwater for longer time periods. While this game can be played by two individuals, it is more fun when you have competition.

How to Play Where’s the Treasure?

  • All the players, except for one has to stand with their backs to that selected individual
  • The selected person then has to throw a handful of coins into the swimming pool
  • Once coins are scattered, the remaining players have to dive into the water and collect as many coins as possible
  • The player with the most coins can either keep them as a reward or can collect the coins and toss them again
  • The player that has the least coins has to be the person who collects and throws the coins in the next round

Mathematical Ping Pong

Mathematical Ping Pong is quite similar to Where’s the Treasure?

But as the name suggests, it comes with a numerical twist! It’s best played with three or more players. If you have a large number of ping pong balls available, this game is ideal for you. If not, the small investment might be worth it!

How to Play Mathematical Ping Pong

  • Start by writing different numbers on the ping pong balls ranging from 1 to 100 or to the count of the total balls
  • All the players first need to line up near one end of the pool with their backs facing the person throwing the balls in the water
  • The person throwing the balls in the pool has to announce a mathematical challenge. For instance, “Multiples of 3”. This means that the players need to collect balls with numbers 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18…
  • You can make the game more simple by calling out simple patterns like “Odd Numbers” or “Even Numbers” or make it more complicated by challenging players to collect balls with “Prime Numbers” and so on
  • For each round, use a different pattern to make the game more exciting
  • If there are a lot of players, you can even divide them into teams
  • The player or team with the highest number of numerically correct balls wins!

The Dolphin Race

Do you wish to swim and bounce around in the water like a dolphin?

Well here’s your chance! The dolphin race is best played by two or more players. You can also divide the players into teams to have a fun relay.

How to Play The Dolphin Race

  • The Dolphin Race requires each player or team to have their own beach ball
  • The main objective of the game is to take the ball from one corner of the swimming pool to the other – without using any body part except for your nose!
  • The person who touches the ball with their hands during the race is either terminated or has to go back to the starting line
  • The first person who reaches the finish line successfully wins!
  • When played in teams, each team member can take a turn to participate in the race. The team with the highest number of wins takes the victory

The Loser F-I-S-H

This is a fun pool game that enables players to show off their water skills.

If you opt to play The Loser F-I-S-H individually, three or more players will suffice. When played in teams, the game requires a minimum of 4 players i.e. at least two teams of two players each to play.  

How to Play The Loser F-I-S-H

  • Start with dividing the players into teams
  • Ideally, each team should have two members. If that is not possible, simply divide the players into the maximum number of teams possible
  • Now set the timer (every team gets a minute to perform their tasks and mimic them)
  • One member of every team is required to perform an action (for instance, a headstand) and the other team member(s) have to take turns attempting the same task
  • If all of the team members fail to mimic the task within the time frame, the team earns the first alphabet of the word “fish”
  • Whichever team spells the word “fish” first, loses
  • This game can also be played individually with each person taking turns to perform an action of their choice and the other players trying to mimic the action in the given time
  • In order to keep this game fair, you can create a rule at the very start that players cannot repeat a task
  • If someone doesn’t want to play the game, appoint them as the judge who determines which player or team earns a letter and which doesn’t

Hula Hoop Obstacle Course

In order to whip together this super-exciting underwater obstacle course, all you need is the following supplies:

This game is sure to keep kids and adults both, diving, splashing, and zooming for long hours!

How to Construct and Play with the Hula Hoop Obstacle Course

  • Take some rope and cut it into sections that measure about two to three feet each
  • Remember, the length of the rope needs to be customized based on your swimming pool dimensions. Therefore, it might be best to cut one piece, test it first, and then cut more rope
  • You want to cut the rope of a length that allows it to easily stretch from the surface of the pool and also hold your hula hoop upright while remaining submerged in the water
  • Now secure a weight to one end of the rope and a hula hoop to the other end and place the weight in the pool
  • For adults, it might be best to use the largest size of hula hoops available
  • It is important for kids to have an adult supervise them when they indulge in this obstacle course for safety purposes
  • You can either simply have fun with this course or create a competition
  • The person to reach the finish line first after crossing all the obstacles successfully wins!
  • To make the game more challenging, you can use a timer and provide each player a limited amount of time to finish the Hula Hoop Obstacle Course

Bottom Line

All the aforementioned pool games are sure to be a hit at any party. While most of the games on our list are suitable for kids and adults both, it is best to have adults supervise the fun when kids are at play. Nothing can ruin a good get-together faster than a water accident.

Therefore, it is best to follow swimming pool safety rules and have the younger swimmers wear a safe swim vest.

It is also important to apply a good-quality sunscreen that is waterproof. Time easily flies when you are enjoying yourself and if not careful, bad sunburn might just be around the corner.

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