10 Tips on Decorating Your Pool

10 Tips On Decorating Your Pool

After a long day at work, or after running all your errands for the day, all you want to do is come back to a quiet, peaceful home, and spend the rest of your time in your own blissful company or in the company of those you hold dear.

Most of us, when craving some soothing quality time, would opt to go to the pool.

Even if you don’t mean to go for a swim, just sitting beside the clear blue water, looking up at the sky, can be just as appealing – with a book in your hand, and a drink by your side

The poolside, in most houses, is set apart from the house, so you are safe from noisy kids, blaring televisions and radios, and other stresses of the house.

Many view the poolside as the most peaceful and quiet corner of the house. It is important, then, that this corner of the house provides you with mental peace and lets you kick back and relax and also appeals to the eyes.

There are several ways you can decorate your pool and make it a more aesthetically appealing place.

Not only would it become more appealing to you for some alone time, but it also becomes the favorite spot among your friends for those poolside parties and BBQs. You can invite people over and have them ooh-ing over your classy pool.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing so you can make your own poolside more aesthetic.

If you’d like to see a graphical breakdown of the pool decorations, we got you covered:

Pool Decorating Tips

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1. Add More Greens

Add More Greens

A little green complements the blue perfectly. Though plants and trees can make any space instantly better, it really does its magic beside the pool.

Plant lots of trees if you can; palm trees, date trees, and many other varieties that thrive well in your region would go beautifully alongside your pool (and also provide you a bit of shade from the harsh sun).

If you don’t have sufficient space to plant trees around your pool, you can place a variety of potted plants and succulents to add in a touch of green. You can buy grand outdoor vases and showcase beautifully blooming plants and flowers in it to give your poolside that necessary oomph.

2. The Right Lights

The Right Lights

Ask any decorator, whether interior or exterior, what the most important tool in decorating a place is, and they will tell you it’s the lighting. Even a well-decorated space can look bland and unappealing if you don’t get the lighting right.

Your pool does not need anything during the day when the sun is lending its glorious rays and bringing out the true colors in your poolside, but during the night, you will need artificial lighting to make it stand out.

You can erect lanterns around your pool to illuminate the pool area, or even install floodlights to provide sufficient lights for a party or a poolside event.

For other days, you can add some soft lighting along the floor. The lights should not be too harsh on the eyes, but should still let you see enough. You must also install pool lights to illuminate the pool from the inside as well.

3. Add A Spa

Add A Spa

What’s more relaxing than a regular pool?

A pool with a spa! You don’t have to travel anywhere to enjoy a good spa session when you can have one right inside your house. There is no better place to install a hot tub or a home spa than right beside your pool.

Have a small enclosure made to place your spa and enjoy the delights of both the spa and the pool, whenever you feel like it.

4. Take Care of the Shade

Take Care of the Shade

Too much sun can be harmful, and we have all learned that the painful way after getting terribly painful sunburns. You must make sure that you have sufficient shade on your poolside, so if you doze up on your pool patio, you don’t wake up with a burned face.

Planting trees along your pool does provide some protection from the sun, but it is not enough.

You must place some umbrellas along the poolside for ample shade, so you can enjoy the sun without it hurting you. There are plenty of other ways to have shade at your poolside

5. Gazebos or Pergolas

Gazebos or Pergolas

Gazebos and pergolas are a great addition to anybody’s backyard, so what’s stopping you from installing one right by your pool?

A small pergola or gazebo can provide you with a fair amount of shade and also give you the space to place a dining table and some chairs inside. How does a poolside Sunday brunch sound?

Your pool can become a place for your family to get together and eat out without leaving your place. It can also be used to serve your guests’ dinner in an aesthetic and unique setting, letting you enjoy the cool breeze, the pool, and your company in peace.

6. Build a Small Bar

Build a Small Bar

A pool and a bar make for a great combination. Imagine both your favorite spots in one place. You can build a small, minimalistic bar at the corner of your pool side and keep a bunch of your favorite drinks stashed up there.

The pool parties you can throw with a set up like that are going to be crazy. If you don’t want to spend too much on a bar, simply build a bamboo bar, with a few racks and a fridge to store your liquors.

You can pour yourself a drink and go for a nice soak, or you can throw a raving party with a BBQ station, a bar, and a pool.

7. Pool Side Furniture

You need a place to sit or lounge around on the pool side, don’t you?

Well, there is no shortage of poolside furniture in the market. Place comfy sofas, lounging chairs, chaise lounges, and beds beside the pool so everyone can relax and enjoy the pool.

Poolside furniture needs to be sturdy and able to withstand harsh weather conditions, so pick out some great quality ones. Bamboo and cane furniture go beautifully if you are going for a more natural theme around your pool.

If not, you can pick out something that is more appropriate for the décor theme you are aiming for your pool. You can even put some bistro sets outside

8. A comfy Swing Set or Hammock

A comfy Swing Set or Hammock

A cute swing set looks adorable no matter where you put it, but it really does wonders on your poolside. Also, the pictures you can get on your cute, poolside swing are going to be divine.

You can simply rock back and forth, staring at the clear blue water, listening to your favorite music. It can also make for a place to sit if you don’t have any other pool furniture around. Or even better, you can install a hammock to go for a more natural look.

9. A BBQ Station

A BBQ Station

Everybody loves a little BBQ, and what better place to host it than your cozy little pool side. You can install a proper BBQ station on a corner of the pool area and cook up some delicacies to serve to your guests at a party or a get-together.

Barbequing by the pool is so much fun, and eating the delicious food, with your feet dangling in the pool, sitting and laughing with your friends and family, is the best way to enjoy a great meal.

10. Throw in Little Trinkets for Decor

Throw in Little Trinkets for Decor

Does your poolside still seem a bit incomplete?

There is nothing better than some trinkets and outdoor decoration pieces to spice up the place. You can purchase garden statues to place by your pool, or even install a small fountain by the side.

You can also add elegant vases and large lanterns to make the place look prettier and more tasteful.

We are sure you must have found some ideas to your liking. Put your creative hats on, add on to the suggestions, and revamp your pool area entirely so you can continue to enjoy your favorite spot in the house.

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